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Elite Speed Training

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1080 Motion

Advanced Sprint Technology

1080 Motion is a Swedish company serving athletes worldwide. This groundbreaking technology is the product of a unique mix of expertise in sports physiology and advanced control systems. The 1080 Sprint unit is a training device that is often only seen at the professional, NHL, and NCAA DI levels.

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Vald Performance

Force Profiling and Advanced Timing Systems

Trusted by 1000+ of the world's elite sporting teams, universities and defence departments. Unparalleled insight into performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.

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“Speed kills but absolute speed kills absolutely.”

Al Davis, Oakland Raiders

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On a Run

Positional Mastery

Speed starts with learning the proper body positions and postures. To be fast, athletes need to be able to apply force in the right direction at the right time. It all starts with developing positional strength.

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Optimal Patterns

Once you learn the fundamental positions and landmarks, we focus on building strength through these position and entrench these proper movement patterns. The goal is to ingrain proper movement mechanics which allows us to optimize force application.

Heavy Weights

Power Development

At this phase, you've established technical competency and strength throughout the movement patterns; now it's time to supercharge these new patterns. Through a combination of explosive lifting, advanced dryland plyometrics, and in-sport application, you will learn the elusive art of maximizing output in every stride.

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